History of the Company:

e-Paz Software Group LTD (e-Paz), a young and dynamic organization, was founded during 2012 by a group of 5 professionals from various fields, each being an industry expert in the areas of Innovation, R&D, IT services and Law. In a short span e-Paz has developed and rolled out world-class personal safety solutions for a global clientele.

Our vision is to provide the world with innovative Smartphone personal safety and security solutions such as the Guardian Angel and it's complementary line of products such as the Guardian Angel Observer, and at an affordable cost.

e-Paz is actually an abbreviation of the co-founder names and stands for "Elad, Paz, Amit, Ati & Ziv".

Our management:

Ziv Keidar

Mr. Ziv Keidar, Founder and the "mind" behind the idea of the Guardian Angel applications.

Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger

Adv. Paz Itzhaki-Weinberger, Esq. - Co-founder, Lawyer, responsible for all legal aspects of the group.

Paz became a senior employee of Microsoft Corporation (R&D team leader, Senior Software Development Engineer and the Security Expert of the Corporation) following the successful acquisition of Gteko LTD in 2006 by Microsoft Corporation for 121$ million.

Ati Avrahami

Adv. Ati Avrahami, Lawyer and investor, responsible for all financial aspects of the group's operation.

Amit Marlov

Mr. Amit Marlov, Co-founder and Group COO, former Microsoft R&D Dev Engineer.

Amit is a senior instructor and an enterprise solutions architect, a true technologist that held senior roles at Microsoft Israel and was a fulltime employee at the Microsoft Israel R&D center.

Amit was the Microsoft Windows Client Regional Director and former technical writer of the Israeli Expert Zone and later a Software Development Engineer at the Microsoft R&D.

Elad Ben-Matityahu

Mr. Elad Ben-Matityahu, Information-Security specialist and a software developer, Elad is the group's software development leader.